Voima Gold Talks 2022

Voima Gold Talks 2022

Martin Enlund held the keynote speech for Voima Gold Talks 2022 .

The keynote speech made three main points

  1. Inflation

    Today’s high inflation rates not only an accident but also part of a larger plan, involving not only financial repression but also issues relating to climate change / Agenda 2030.

  2. Monetary policy or poverty policy?

    Instead of dampening current inflation pressures by dqoing their utmost to boost supply (which has shrunk in the wake of “green new deals” and the response to the pandemic), authorities are planning for “reverse wealth effects”. A rise in poverty will lower demand, and lessen inflation pressures.

  3. Central Bank Currencies (CBDCs)

    Western sanctions against Russia have been relatively ineffective, and this in part due to the mechanics of today’s financial system (Bretton Woods II). The sanctions would have been much more effective if CBDCs had already been put in place. In the future, however, CBDCs may be used to ex ante and in detail control the consumption patterns of both companies and households.

First page of the keynote presentation


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